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Don’t Lose Your Assets in the Cloud

SearchYourCloud Integrates Search and Security to Increase Enterprise Protection. Productivity. Knowledge.


Are You Wasting Valuable Time with the Two Step Search?

If your Primary Search is Boolean, the Secondary Search has to be YOU.

With SearchYourCloud and its patented, federated search technology, a single search request in Outlook simultaneously and transparently searches your email, desktop and ALL of your cloud storage sources and delivers highly targeted results. You get EXACTLY the information you need with just ONE query. Read More about SearchYourCloud patented Search technology

Don’t Trade Deep Searching for Security

SearchYourCloud Enables the Highest Level of Security AND the Most Productive Search

The pressures for the strongest levels of Security are enormous and not unreasonable. With SearchYourCloud’s integrated Search and Security Solution, you don’t have to give up the highest level of Security in order to maintain unlimited, productive access to enterprise information. Read More about SearchYourCloud

We Lock It Up and Throw Away the Key (Store)

Our Keys are Dynamically Generated at the Time of Use

SearchYourCloud encrypts every character in every file without a key store BEFORE your information is transferred to the clouds. Your information is protected by industry leading AES 256 security from upload to access. And because there is no key store and the keys are dynamically assembled as needed, the file CANNOT be maliciously unencrypted. Elements of the key can be stored either in the cloud or behind your FIREWALL, under your complete control. Read More about SearchYourCloud government grade Security


SEARCHYOURCLOUD Dynamically and Transparently Secures Your Searchable Information On Site and in the Clouds


Highly Targeted, Federated Search


Superior Search and Transparent Security for all of your Cloud stores


UNINTERUPTED Workflow, Unparalleled Access


Every character, every file, ENCRYPTED


ANY Device, EVERY time


Developing Search Based Applications? Integrate SEARCHYOURCLOUD into your Architecture!

Contact us to learn more about integrating SearchYourCloud into your architecture. We offer an SDK if you want to take these features and integrate it into custom development. It is really easy to install and implement. More importantly, it delivers the most productive search available and the highest levels of security, without interfering with what your apps and information do best for your enterprise.


Did You Know 20% of an enterprise team member’s time is wasted looking for information? *
What could your team do with that time back?

*IDC study



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SEARCH YOUR CLOUD integrates Search and Security for enterprise information stored both on site and in all of your cloud storage solutions. With a single query within Outlook, users can do a deep, simultaneous search of email, desktop, corporate and cloud storage returning highly targeted results that increase efficiency. And it empowers users to transparently secure, transfer and store files anytime, anywhere with industry leading AES 256 security. All of this is accomplished without duplicating data, without a key store and with dynamically generated keys, with elements stored behind your firewall, assuring your enterprise knowledge is highly secure while immediately accessible.